Sunday, November 29, 2009

2 Big events? Need help!?

Ok, here's the deal. I have two big events coming up. A concert and a party. I'm very excited about both events, which are very formal. Here goes:

The concert is at a very big venue and is black tie. It's an orchestra thing. In the first half, I am wearing a floor length, lacy, black strapless dress with black heels with a rhinestone thing on the shoes. In the second half, I am singing and wearing a floor length white, strapless dress with lots of tulle layers and high pink heels. I need jewelry ideas that go with both dresses. the necklines are about the same.

Also, I will be wearing the white dress to a very formal party several days later. I need some other jewelry ideas for this.

Mind you, both events are so formal, and I don't want to look like I ran to Claire's and bought everything in sight. My hair will be straight, and I may be wearing a tiara at the concert. I have lots of jewelry and people will loan to me if I ask. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

2 Big events? Need help!?

Personally, I like gold accessories with but black and white so it will work with both dresses. Also, i think since the dresses are strapless you should go heavier on necklaces and maybe wear stud earrings so that you dont overdo it. I know that you said that your hair will be down, but I think that updo's go very well with strapless gowns. it makes them look more formal, epsecially with the tiara. Hope this helps! :)

2 Big events? Need help!?

Simple: pearls. Nothing looks better with black or white or prettier on skin of any color. Use the color of the clasp to dictate the color (silver, gold) of a simple bracelet. For earrings, go with modest chandeliers in the same color with small pearls.

2 Big events? Need help!?

o ya pearls are great with everything...if you but pics up of the dresses the question would be easier to answer though

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