Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

so i already have thick hair hair but i like to make it bigger by blow drying it upside dow, but after that when i straighten it, it gets flat. how do i get staight hair but still have my big hair too?

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

when you straighten it pull your hair up towards the ceiling instead of pulling the hair down as you are straightening will keep it, do it in the bottom first then the top.

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

Try volumizing shampoo and conditioner from Garnier Fructis. I always had the same problem.

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

Try using some mousse. You can almost make your hair stand straight up with that stuff.

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

Have you tried back-combing it? it might help..

what you do:

-make sure your hair is dry, and styled how you want it

-take small strips of hair on the top of your head, and pull one of the strands straight up.hairspray it with a firm hold hairspray.. then with a backcombing brush (you can get them for like 5 dollars at salons) comb downwards right near the roots. it'll be knotty, but they brush out pretty easy. the bigger you want you hair, the higher up you brush. do this with pretty much all of the hair on the crown of your head.

-put it in "place" (how you want it) and then kind of lightly brush through the top layers so it doesnt look messy and gross..

-take your hand and put it at the back of your head.. push up, poofing your roots up. hairspray this, and enjoy the compliments!

i have thick hair too, and i do this a lot!! it looks really good!

oh, and it'll probably take a few times to perfect it, but once you do, the compliments will be flowing! good luck!

Hair hair hair hair!!!!!?

a big barrel curling iron helps atfer you have blown it all out take your hair in sections and curl it.. it will still be straight but have a nice bounce to it

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