Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

okay well when i was little my hair would curl into these loose ringlets that were not the least bit dry or poofy or frizzy but now its REALLLY REALLY big and messed up. but mostly dry and poofy. are there any products that i could use that actually work? and sunsilk antipoof or hydra tlc doesnt work on me hair so... yeah. oh and if possible could u recommend something i could find at a cvs pharmacy or 99c store or something (im a 7th grader who doesnt have all that much money)

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

try garnier fructis

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

use the deep conditioner by garnier fructis everyday

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

Use a smoothing/de-frizzing serum (its like oil in a small bottle that smells really good) on your hair when it's dry and then LA Looks gel lets you shape your own curls in any way you want.

Hope this works---I had the same hair at your age!

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

Get anything from John Frieda

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

I think you can find Sebastians Potion #9 there . . . it really works great on my hair.

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

I have curly hair. I like a little mouse to tame my waves. Make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it or it will dry your hair. The best are Dove and Herbal Essence by Clairol. I think Clairol has a cheaper brand also, less than $3, and it is pretty good for the money. Make sure you are using a good shampoo, and don't rub your hair with the towel, gently wrap it around your hair when drying. VO 5 also has a detangler/leave in conditioner which is pretty reasonable I think. Let us know what you try and how it works out.

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

Dry = Condition 2x more than shampoo

Frizz= I hope not from color,Maybe Chlorine

Use Schwarzkopf Freeze. about 12.00 a bottle.

while your hair is still %26lt;a little%26gt;damp all over .

spray mid shaft to ends lightly.

Comb through ,scrunch a very little.and air dry or light defuse.

a curl is a curl until you break it apart..Then what you have is frizz.

The hairspray keeps the curl together.

It one of the only conditioning hair sprays on the market.

Complete Make Over Artist D.L.G.

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

Well since your hair is naturally curly I take it there is a product called Softee (protein gel) you can find this at family dollar for a buck or so and it will help control the curls and get red of the poofyness. Heres what you do. While your hair is wet apply a fair amount of softee to your hair and message it thru. Combe it in with your fingers make sure you get it all over. Then just scrunch your hair from end to root several times. Then allow hair to dry natural. You will get them curls you remember and no frizz also no stif, hard, hair sprayed hair that looks fake. And for moisture I would recomend cholestrol hair conditioning cream you can also get this at family dollar. Well good luck and hope I helped

Poofy, frizzy, dry hair?

How to depoof Poofy %26amp; style hair

Real Hair Solutions for Frizzy Hair

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