Sunday, November 29, 2009

Girls! Which hair looks best on ME?

I don't have any pics of me to show, but I have a very similar face shape to Brad Pitt/Dominic Purcell - basically broad cheekbones, and strong jawline that sticks out.

I know that girls are different on what they like, and also that different hair lengths look better on some guys than others. So with someone like me with a very masculine face, -big jaw and cheekbones, heavy brow ridges, what hairstyle would suit me?

At the moment I have a buzz cut no 1, and I get a lot of second looks from girls so I think this is the one that suits me, but I want to make sure. I have had the normal medium length hair with the front gelled up but I don't remember girls taking second looks at me, even though thats what most girls tell me they like, but after the buzz it seemed to make a difference.


Girls! Which hair looks best on ME?

Don't assume they are taking a second look because it looks good, they could be thinking you'd look better if it was say a number 4. Lots of girls like to be able to run their fingers through a guys hair. I do!!!

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