Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scene hair help?

I know a ton of people are like: EW SCENE HAIR. EW EMO. But please don't waste your time insulting my tastes.

No, I do not dress emo. Infact, I wear aeropostal and such.

I've just gotten scene haircuts, twice, actually.

I've gotten the haircut with the big poof ontop and it's straight on the bottom, twice. Infact, I'm going back next Saturday to get 2 streaks on the bottom blonde.

I just have a problem, I can't get the poof right! I can never get it to stay up, or even get it up at all. I have hairspray and all that. And i've tried manymany times. Everytime I think I have it right, it either looks way too knotty or is super frizzy. Does anyone know how to get it like, perfect, how the girls have it in so many pictures you see on the internet? :[ Thank you.

Scene hair help?

If you get a "scene" haircut you prolly have layers starting at the top of your head near your roots, correct??

Well what you need to do is get a fine toothed comb. DONT use pomade unless you wannalook like a greaseball.

Take each layer and tease is then spray it with G2B cement hairspray. (normal hairspray rly doesnt work well.) (its in a big yellow can)

If you do that, you will have NO problem keeping the "poof" as you would say.

BTW: Scene and Emo are 2 totally different things. DONT use them together. And abercrombie and Fitch or Aeropastle, or Hollister isn't a style, its a brand name for ppl that have no sense of style. :)

Scene hair help?

um well like you can get straight down layers and if you take a razer to the edges to your hair it comes edgy like some people i hope this helps :]

Scene hair help?

im just like you! I wear hollister, aeropostale, and my fave American Eagle! I like MOST scene hair, although i have nevet had it.

well do you blow dry it? Try that, and make sure you use some sort of gel/moose. I have this herbal essence volumizing gel, and it is the best smell EVER and it seems to really work, like $4!

Scene hair help?

i dont know how to do scene hair, but scene hair only look good one really hot girls, so make sure your good looking before atemping this hair style.

Scene hair help?

Pomade, strong hairspray, backcombing, and more hairspray.

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