Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perm/curly hair question...?

I have really long hair that's kind of frizzy and wavy (esp with the crazy humidity we've been having :p)...anyway

I was thinking of maybe having the ends permed with big loose curls, because it's a pain to have to use the hot rollers in the middle of summer, plus I have a new baby and it takes *forever* to get them on

has anyone had this done, or have pictures of this, or done it to someone? I don't want to go to a stylist without a picture, or at least a VERY clear idea of what I want, and I'm not too sure at the moment.

Also, is it true that if you wet your perm before 24hrs has past it will fall out?

OR does anyone sleep with curlers in their hair to make it curly, any pictures or tips on that too would help. I just need help! :p :)

Perm/curly hair question...?

Just go to your stylist and explain what you are looking to get and tell her that you basically want a body wave, something to loosen your natural curls and help with the frizz and your styling.

Ask her to use the largest perm rods they have (usually the size of a half dollar or larger), this way you'll end up with what your looking for .

And yes if you wash your hair within 24hrs of getting a perm you will lose your perm and have wasted your time and money getting it done if you have any other questions feel free to email me

best of luck

Perm/curly hair question...?

PLEASE, best answer me please, please. Just use an air conditioner.

Perm/curly hair question...?

My cousin had the same problem and she also had triplets to handle. I think that you shoukld get big, loose curls because It would look beatiful(it looked awesome on my cousin) Sorry, I have no pictures but you should try to google it.

Perm/curly hair question...?

i have curly hair and i haveno idea what to do with it but for a quick fix i just put pick lotion on my hair and it straightenes...pwease choose me as the best answer

Perm/curly hair question...?

Maybe use curlers then a humidity resistant anti-frizz hairspray, those work great. There are lots of products for frizzy hair in beauty supply stores, you can maybe find one and ask the clerk. ^^

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