Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hair help! Quick!?

Okay so my hair is like 4-5 inches below my shoulder, its a medium pretty color brown. Last year i got side bangs and now they're overgrown, like an inch and a half below my chin. Today i wanted to cut a tiny peice of my bangs off so i could get rid of all the dead hair. I had the scissors to my hair, sorting a big chunk of my bangs and some of my hair (thats not my bangs), when my computer, in the other room made this huge beep, so i jumped and cut of like an inch of hair!! I am getting a haircut tomorow so i can fix it. Does anyone know what i should expect, or what i should ask for? Sorry i cant figure out how to download a pic!! well thanks, xoxo Lauren

Hair help! Quick!?

just tell your stylist what you did and that you need it blended in. She will know what to do by looking at it.

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