Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting hair relaxed?

my hair is shoulder length and a bit curly.

its really thick and puffy and considered a bit "big"

i straighten it to reduce all of these things but my hair still appears big unless i straigten it for a long time.

so, im getting my hair relaxed.

no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

im tired of having to straighten it EVERYDAY.

but will it make my hair look like everyone elses?

not quite as huge, but appear a bit thinner and straight?

Getting hair relaxed?

well i got that done to my hair and all it does is make it easier to strighten. so you will still have to strighten it you may want to ask if you can get it thinned.

Getting hair relaxed?

yup, it will definitley help it! you should buy speacial realxing shampoo from a hair salon also, that will help out your hair alot, and you can get them in really big bottles!

Getting hair relaxed?

i've had my hair relaxed many times, and trust me you will regret it later on. your hair will get extremely damaged and will start thining, and soon, you'll want to grow your natural hair out. when this time comes, all the hair that you worked so hard to keep straightened will eventually have to be cut off, because you can't have two different textures in your hair. please trust me, it's not even worth it. all it will do is take your curls and make them into frizz. it's not going to be any thinner, or prettier and you'll be trapped straightening it forever until of course you want to grow it out. especially if you're going to straighten everyday, don't get a relaxer. your hair will die of how much you abused it. i made the same mistake. i looked at all the other girl's shiny, straight hair, and i wanted thatso bad, but the relaxer was not what i expected. now i will look like a broccolli, until my curls are atleast shoulder length, so plz listen to my advice and don't do it!

Getting hair relaxed?

it will help but you most likely will still have to straighten it. the only way you are going to be able to go days withought having to restraighten would be to wash your hair less often. Which is actully better for the health of your hair anyways. you may want to try a new hair cut that suits your hair type a little better and you may be suprided with the results. also you may want to try somethin called a curl reformation, its basically a way of loosening up your curls so they will be more managable and the option or thermaly straightening will be a lot easier.

Getting hair relaxed?

OMg yes your hair is going to come out lovely i had curly nappy hair and now it's so fine and striahgt and soft i love it but it's so fine injust need a good hair voulmeizer that's all but go for it 100%

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