Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help Please,....Hair ?

For my bday my mom paid for me 2 get my hair done. My bday was on the 14th of january but i got my hair done on january 5th. She paid $270 to get my hair done all together. I gave her $70 back because i know thats alot of money to spend on hair. Now the big problem is i absolutely hate my hair. I am just depressed and i dont like the way its making me look, my confidence has went down, its dyed dark and i usually go light. The question how do i tell my mom when i havent had the hairstyle a month? Should i give her $100 dollars say thanks again and just explain i dont really like it?

Help Please,....Hair ?

tell her the truth, mom's appreciate that the most. oh and next time, categorize your question correctly :)

Help Please,....Hair ?

GET A WIG lol jk uhm you should just tell her its not what u expected and tell her how u feel about it and if u dyed ur hair a darker color go get bleach from a hair salon its not expensive and get blonde hair dye and have someone do it for you rather than go to some dumb hair place thats a rip off anyyways

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