Sunday, November 29, 2009

How do i get big wavy hair?

use warm amla(gooesberry) oil everyday and wash ur hair then dry and comb evenly.

How do i get big wavy hair?

i got a tip from my hairdresser.. after you wash your hair, and when its damp/wet , but not dripping, tie up all your hair in a VERY high ponytail if its long enough,or in two ponytails....... roll each one upward into a tight roll thingy.. and pin it witha few million fat bobby pins. leave it for about an hour , and before you undo it , blow dry it from the side, but not for too long. its gonna come out really curly.. dont brush it too much after...

.. have fun..

How do i get big wavy hair?

As a girl who constantly battles her big wavy hair, I would have to say genetics has alot to do with it! Humidity also helps. If you have bone straight hair, go see your stylist for a body perm or forget about it! We always want what we don't have. Good luck with the do!

How do i get big wavy hair?

i would say curlers,

or you could use the method my sister uses.

she braids her hair in really big braids while her hair is wet at night, and then you sleep on it. in the morning, un-braid your hair, and you should have wavy hair!

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