Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bleaching hair when pregnant ?

well`. i am now 2 months pregnant but before i had bleach my hair around when i was 3-4 wks pregnant. i didnt find out that i was till i was 6 weeks. The place wasn't ventilated that much but i forgot . I could barely smell the bleach but it burn my head real bad. do you think anything could happen ? They say my baby heart beat is fine but i dont know about the brain because he/she isn't big enough to tell.

Bleaching hair when pregnant ?

There are no conclusive studies either way on this....But I'm SURE your baby's fine. I was in Punta Cana drinking %26amp; doing shots of Tequila when I was 4 weeks pregnant because I took a test %26amp; it was negative....Every mother does stuff like this in the beginning.

Just be careful from now on!

Bleaching hair when pregnant ?

it should be ok if there not worried bout it but please try not to use bleech whilst your pregs its to strong and the chemicals are really strong x x

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