Sunday, November 29, 2009

Big curls...with small curls?

Okay..i am biracial...and i have curls. i dont have coils or kinks...but my hair isnt those big soft curls that usually caucasian people have. and i read that when you wet your hair its supposed to loosen the curl. well for mine it just makes my hair lay flat. my hair is thick and curly and unruly. how do i make my hair have those nice big loose curls that bounce everywhere or at least how can i get close to that? i use garnier sleek and shine shampoo and conditioner..and the anti frizz serum. so yeah please help me. thanks.

Big curls...with small curls?

The first couple of links below will give you tips on how to style curly hair into nice bouncy curls. Look at the other video clips for more tips on how to care for your hair. Also visit the Naturally Curly's site which is devoted to all curly hair types.

Big curls...with small curls?

You're welcome! I know it is better to see a technique performed rather than explain it into words. I hope you get the look you are trying to achieve. Keep us updated ;-) Report It

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