Sunday, November 29, 2009

Any hair tips ???????

Well i have big brown eyes with wavy brown hair, and hair tips to make me stand out???

Any hair tips ???????

buy those soft curlers and sleep in them. it is soooo easy and you save so much time in the morning. you just take them out and only brush the top of your hair otherwise you brush right through the curls. then use hairspray, not mousse. ive found that a great brand of hairspray is matrix hairspray. and for looser, messier curls, you separate each curl in two. it is a more casual, less shirley temple look.

then for waves, sleep in braids. (the number depending on how wavy you want your hair. i would probably recommend about eight or so) then you just take them out in the morning and just brush the top of your hair. you can use hairspray, but i usually dont need it, but then again, my hair holds waves really well......

and if you shower in the morning, scrunch your hair with mousse and it looks pretty good but might get a little frizzy.

and as for just regular hairstyles, i would try sidebangs or whispy bangs instead of thick ones......dont know about the cut i might have to see the shape of your face, sry....

you can also do buns, because they are pretty in, or low pigtails, but you might be a little old for them, but my sister in college looks cute in them so i dont know.....

as for hairbands, very cute and in!!! definitely!!!

u could wear your hair half-up, leaving your bangs down.....

hope i helped!!! good luck!!!

Any hair tips ???????

I'd say stick straight, or big curls. Depends on face shape, and all that though.

Any hair tips ???????

Scrunch your hair.

Any hair tips ???????

Put it in a bun or ponytail, that will make your eyes stand out if you have hair away from your face.

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