Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anyway to get straight hair curly?

i want to have those big wayvish curls in my hair, are there any permanent ways to do it? i dont want anything that damages my hair too much but i would be willing to put something in it to make my limp boring hair go away

Anyway to get straight hair curly?

I think this is a perfect question for me to answer. I usually always have my hair straight as well. I was kinda getting tired of it since my friends always see me like that. So my friend talked to me about this product she bought at CVS( you can find it in walgreens as well) it helps you get curls!! how cool is that..!!?She let me try it.. and so i did. They curls look very natural.. And go perfect with the summer theme.. :]

You should go to a store and ask for the product. it really works. If not... wet your hair and put some gel in it then blow dry it.. it also looks very natural.

And if that doesnt do it.. well just buy a curler iron...that takes a long time ...depending on your hair lenght.

Hope i helped a little


Anyway to get straight hair curly?

ummm you didnt put in the name of the product so this isnt very useful Report It

Anyway to get straight hair curly?

other than perm it i dont think so

Anyway to get straight hair curly?

Perm or a good 'ole fashioned curling iron!

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