Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

My damn hair gets like biggish when it dries. I mean like, It doesn't get curly or anything it just kinda gets poofy.

Is there something that I can put in my hair like a shampoo or something that can make it like flatter, like when it is wet it is flat and I like it like that but the big is just crap.

I have kind of like a square-ish head (an ugly one XD) and if my hair is flatter then I look less square.

Any help ? thanks

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

Yeah, a straightener will work for you, but don't go out buying those cheap metal ones, as they only damage your hair and don't look as good afterwards, if the one you mom has is a ceramic one, go ahead and use it, it's simple, just divide in about 4 parts of hair and clip them so they stay apart. Straighten only a small portion of hair at a time, to make sure all of it is straight. It's really easy just brush the hair and put it between the 2 things of the straightener (whichs name Idk) , close %26amp; slide, if it still looks curly do it again... when you're done you will look emo-ish, the way you like it

A straightener heating time varies, the good ones take around 20-30 seconds to heat up, the cheap ones, I don't know so much 'cause mine is a 60 buck one lol, but it works pretty good... Mine's this one http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000EODWUC?smid... only that it's a little wider.

Also, you might want to use an anti-frizz cream or a special cream that is used for blow-drying, straightening, etc. to protect your hair from the heat.

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

the only thing you can do to make your hair lay flat is to straighten it with a flat iron. and alot of guys use them now so dont think its gay or anything like that. as far as product try paul mitchell super skinny serum. i too have poofy hair and put that in b 4 i style and it help.. good luck

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

straighten it???

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

well a hair straightner always works

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

You are so cute. Lol just thought like sayin that. But anyway use like an anti-frizz serum. You can get it anywhere for under 10 bucks. Or try straightening your hair a bit.

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

Yes, a straightening iron works wonders!! My sons girlfriend uses one and it works great!!!!

As far as hair straightener they mean a hair relaxer that you would have to have a hair dresser do for you.

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

it's the way you blow your hair that will make it flat. If you don't blow your hair then start. use a large round brush

don't put the brush under the hair, the brush is on top of the

hair and brush and gently pull as your blowing it

How can I make my hair a bit flatter ?

You'd want to apply a straightening product to your hair after washing (John Freida makes some good ones), i would then blow it dry and then flat iron it.

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