Sunday, June 20, 2010

Question about Hair?

I have medium thin hair and so straight, I was wondering is it possible to to get a perm with REALLY big rollers to get wave or some body??

Does anyone have any ideas??

Question about Hair?

Perms do major damage to your hair.

If you have straight hair you want curly, but if you have naturally curly hair you would kill for straight.

If you are set on the idea, it depends on the lenght of your hair. Shorter hair styles will do what you described, but once you get past a certain length, the weight of the hair will pull down these big curls, and you might just look like you have almost straight bumpy hair...

Question about Hair?

you could use hair enhancing shampoo/conditioner, or go to your hairdresser and ask about perms and stuff like that.

Question about Hair?

they can do a body wave which is loose waves

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