Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long, think, wavy, red hair. that needs help?

I have Long, think, wavy, red hair. No bangs. I am going to donate my long locks to Locks of Love. But I need help finding a new look for me. I am short, i have a round have and people refer to my skin tone as that of Casper's (yes the friendly ghost) I have a big forehead and i just need help. Never have i been able to pick the right look for me. My boyfriend is sad to say goodbye to the long locks (he loves them a lot) but with summer coming and with the constant work this hair needs i need it gone. please someone help me! I just want something new. I have never had my hair cut to my "style" always been long and trimmed up. but now i need help. I am not wanting to go to short or anything i just want something that is nice and polished. i would love the feed back from a pro and help from the locals on where to go to get the locks cut. please anything that you can offer would be great! thanks so much i just want all this mess gone. i can even send a pic if one would help!

Long, think, wavy, red hair. that needs help?

u can u use a flat iron and try something like this.


Long, think, wavy, red hair. that needs help?

your best bet is to go to a salon and tell the stylist what you have in mind and see what she/he suggests.

If you don't like it, just remember--it's only hair and it will grow back.

Long, think, wavy, red hair. that needs help?

If your hair is thick, you may want to have your stylist cut a few layers out; I know that sounds weird, but I had it done to my really thick hair. It used to be flat on the top of my head and go outwards as it got to the tips of my hair (kind of like the shape of a christmas tree) but then when the layers were cut out, my hair had a much nicer shape to it (straight down, like it should be). Also, since you have a round face shape, its often a good idea to keep your hair below the shoulders to elongate your face. Also, layers work well with a round face too, and you could do long, swept to the side bangs that fade into the layers (they'd come down to your nose or even a little longer, so they're not your regular bangs). I know you said no bangs though, so maybe not, but side-swept bangs would most likely look good on you with the layers and your larger forehead.

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