Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Donating hair...?

I know I'm going to be donating my hair next week after my birthday and it's going to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation. It says I have to mail it in...will the salon do it for me?

Also...i don't know how a short hairstyle is going to look on me...I'm cutting it just about to my shoulders. I have an oval face and i don't like the way i look in a ponytail (big forehead alert!) Any suggestions for a cut?

Do you reccomend the Pantene foundation?

Donating hair...?

I personally like the "Locks of Love" foundation, you donate it to kids with cancer who need wigs. You need a ten inch pony tail to have enough for them though. Any salon that I have worked at sent it in for the person who donated it. You are doing a beautiful thing and you will make someones day better. Your hair will grow back, but some of the kids who get the wigs made for them will die before their hair grows back in. God Blessé–³?br>Donating hair...?

lots of flippy layers and maybe some kind of side bangs, would look good on you.

good for you for donating your hair!

Donating hair...?

I would go with locks of love, that's what I did, my salon gave me the address

Donating hair...?

you should get your hair layered.


Donating hair...?

long bangs

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