Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

I had a full head of white blonde foils 5 days ago at the hairdresser and a posh spice type bob (longer at the front and graded up the back)

She blow dried it with a big round brush first into a bob style then straightened it with a straightener.

I came out looking great - the hair nice and straight and sleek and not at all frizzy or like wire.

So, I do it myself in the same way with the same products but using a different straightener.

MINE COMES OUT LOOKING ALL FRIZZY especuially on the ends and does not look at all sleek.

What am I adoing wrong?

Different straightener?

I am using a restructuring treatment every second wash too.

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

sounds like your hair has got abit dry...this happened to mine when i went and had a full head of bleach on my hair and it was horrible...i was so upset because it didn't look nice...i would just try n leave you hair for abit and deep condition it...you could do with buying some really good straighteners...e.g GHD's they are brilliant...the reason why your hair may be going frizzy may be because the straigtheners you are using are damaging your hair..get some new ones

good luck =]

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

Use a deep moisturisin conditioner and get some GHD sytraightners, there bout 鎷?00 but worth every bit!!!

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

Maybe it is the straightener. Do keep in mind that Hair Dressers invest a lot of money into their supplies so the straightener must have been top of the line. I suggest you speak with your hair dresser.

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WHITH THE PRODUCT SO U DIDNT WAIST MONEY ON THE STRAITENER well no ofence i meen this in the NICEST WAY but it could be because u are not a professional at doing hair try getting someone else with a tintsy bit more skill with hair (LIKE FAMILY) cheap %26amp; less painful! hope this helpS

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

That's too many chemicals for your hair to survive.. You were lucky you got out of there with hair.. Buy a hot oil treatment and do that several times a week until your hair is soft again. Pick a process and don't go past that. Bleaching AND a straightener is too much for hair to look healthy all at once and so often. I do mine at home because I found the shops dried it out. Now it's waist long and very heathy.

You can't bleach and straighten both, pick one. Whats' wrong with curls anyway? I wish I had some..

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

i think you should apply serum on your hair after you use the straightener on your hair. The reason why your hairdresser is able to a great job without doing much protection to your hair is because your hair has just been treated and the damaging effect is not immediate. What i did after i DIY straightening to my hair, is that i applied a kind of transparent clear serum, which is similar to leave on conditioner. It's available in many brands. But more or less the same.

Bleached hair: looks like wire?? Help.....?

I don't think you have done anything wrong. The only thing I can think of -- is that your iron wasn't hot enough. Also remember that you have to keep your hair well conditioned because the stress of the color will make it wiry and frizzy. Remember you can also go back to your stylist for advice and treatment. Good luck to you and your hair style sounds too cute.

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