Sunday, June 20, 2010

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

Ok.....I have a long face and sorta a big forehead. I dont want bangs or side bangs. What is a good length haircut for a long face. I also have small eyes. I heard that hair on your face like bangs, etc make your eyes look smaller. Is that true? Thanx!

P.s. Pic would HELP!!!

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

a longer inverted bob will look great on you!!

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

No it doesnt. It actually makes your eyes look larger.

Were a high forehead will make your eyes looks smaller exposed.

I have the same problem.

Bangs are good shorten the face make those eyes BIG.

At local beauty shops they will have magazines which will show the best cuts for your face.

See ya

Good luck

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

well if your forehead is big i think you should get bangs..............................but it is your hair so you can do what ever you what, i think it would look good if your hair was like a little bit past your shoulders,THAT would look sooooo cute!

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

Okay, for the whole hair length thing- i think longer hair would look better. I have a friend who can relate a bit- and she looks AMAZING with long hair. And for the bangs thing- side bangs shouldn't affect how large/small your eyes look (and on some people can make their forehead look smaller depending on how you get it donne)- but bangs straight across can make your face look a bit smaller...making your eyes smaller...

Good luck! =)

NEW Hair Style PLEASEEE....!?

bangs in your face don't make ur eyes look smaller. If you have a long face and a big forehead, i would have long, past-shoulder-length hair and bangs.

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