Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New hair color...look good??

my hair is this color now


but for spring and summer i want to lighten it up a bit..do you think this would look good on me??

oh and im 15 and alot of ppl say i look like carrie underwood and brittany snow


not a big change..just a little lighter

New hair color...look good??

no one will notice. trust me.

New hair color...look good??

I think that would look good. That's a very common transition for blondes. They go a few shades darker in the winter and a few shades lighter in the summer.

New hair color...look good??

i dont think anyone will notice much. so it wont really matter, go for it.

New hair color...look good??

its not really a big change, instead of dying all of your hair, you could get some lighter highlights around your face to brighten your face a little bit.

hope this helps, can u help me please? thanks


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