Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long hair styles?

i have long-ish hair, it's about 8 inches past my shoulders (a little bit shorter than miley cyrus or ashley tisdale) do you have any styles i could do with it ? i'm so sick of straightening it, and besides it makes it look so dull. any sugestions? pictures would be a big help, but just explaining a style is perfect !

thanks a bunch ! [:

Long hair styles?

You could sleep with loose braids in ur hair (wet) then take them out in the mornig for loose waves.

Here are some other ideas:

take a small front section of ur hair, twist it, poof it, then clip it in place.

Buy a few cute patterned headbands

Wear ur hair down with a flower tucked behind ur ear.

Wear ur hair in a cute messy bun (add a headband to be extra trendy)

What would also look cute is if u did it in a low cute side ponytail.

Hope this helped!

Long hair styles?

Did you think about cutting bangs? I did and it made such a difference.

Long hair styles?

use prololgy super straight you can get it at almost any saloon and it will help it to look healtier and shine

Long hair styles?

have you tried curling it or layering it. or maybe putting it up in different styles. theirs alot you can do with long hair

Long hair styles?

make it curly or put it up in a cute way!!! miley's hair is curly sumtimes!!! u could really make it cute!!!

good luck!!!

Long hair styles?

check the links below for beauty tips to:-- *Long Hairstyle tips-

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