Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting hair cut this saturday, read on...?

my hair is pretty long now, the longest it's been, a bit past my boobs with side bangs and long layers, ive been growing it out for about 7 months. im getting it trimmed/cut/whatever you want to call it on saturday, and i really like that "scene/fashion" mullet thing for girls where the layers are cut short and the one layer is still long, creating volume at the crown. the thing is, i have think hair that everyone tends to be jealous of and it's one of my favorite features, so i dont think getting my layers cut that drastically would really be my thing right now :/ so what should i do, i love the big hair look, but my layers right now are too long to really tease them, and when i do they dont stay that way for long. should i just get my top layers cut A BIT and see how i like it or what? any suggestions? thanks

Getting hair cut this saturday, read on...?

if you do decide to have the short layer cut be careful as some hairdressers realy go to town with the razor and if you want to grow it out it will take for ever. If you do get this cut make sure you get it cut with scissors not razor you get same shape result but no tears afterwards.

Getting hair cut this saturday, read on...?

yeah try it out, if you dont like it, never get it cut that way again. its just hair, it'll grow back.

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