Sunday, June 20, 2010

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

k, so...i have ver flat, thin, stick straight hair but i need it to have VOLUME!

ive tryed everything. mouse it then blow dry upside down(that last about 5 seconds)

putting it in a poney tail on top of my head when hair is damp and sleeping with it over night(last about ummm...30min if i hairspray it)

curling it(last untill i go out side and the fog makes it flat)

curling the roots of my hair( same as the other)

teasing it(falls out after about a hour with hairspray)

perms(make me look like a poodle)

what do i do???????? i whant big hair!

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

You might want to try the special shampoos and conditioners. You might want to talk to a hair dresser for some other ideas. The shampoo is the easiest trick that most don't think of.

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

UHH. braid it in tons of little braids

then brush it may look poofy so put moose in it..

good luck

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

go to a hair stylists and get it layered (let them choose the type of layer, as they should have experience in styling it for the right person, but if you don't like their idea, tell them). the layers will give you volume without you having to up-brush, mousse, etc.

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

Tresemme do great shampoos and conditioners and there is a special one for volume. If that kind of thing doesn't work, consult your hairdresser.

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

Look in to ROOT LIFTING spray my mom used it and it worked really, really good It stayed for a long time to but I wish u the best of luck on finding something that works!!!


My hair my stupid stupid hair?

i have BIG hair and im really good at fixing hair and i have realized its harder to get flat thin hair big than big hair flat and straight

-the first thing you want to look for in buying produce to help your hair is the brand. the very best brands i have found are John Frieda (kinda pricey), Nexxus (also kinda pricey), and Garnier Fructis.

-if you want curly hair you should use a very small curling iron and first after you wash your hair use moose (a volumizing moose from one of the brands above) and blow dry your hair upside down and scrunch it till dry. After that let the curling iron worm up and once it has start curling your hair in sections like start with the bottom first and when your done a layer spray it (one of the brands above). if you do it right you hair should be curly.

-if you don't want really curly hair then do the same thing just not scrunching and use a bigger curling iron only on the top layer of your hair

i hope i helped you out

My hair my stupid stupid hair?

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