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Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

hi there !!

here are my symptoms

- dry and a little brittle

- between wavy and straight

- greasy roots

- frizzy

- when i comb it when it is wet, it dries and becomes one big sponge....

-when i comb it when it is dry everything gets worse

heres what i want

- curled (the most curled)

- moisturized

- frizz free (really important)

oh! and im thinking about buying a curling iron... if you can tell me the pros and cons about it

also if you could tell me what to do to prevent the hair from total damage after using the iron

thanks for all your answers

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

Hey hun, your hair sounds exactly like mine! Here's what you can try:

-Use a shampoo for oily scalps, but a conditioner for dry hair (something like Tresseme works great-the conditioner is nice and intense)

-Try a weekly hair treatment. It doesnt take long and makes a huge difference to the hair (Tigi hair mask is great, or less affordable but amazing - Kerastase Masquintense)

-Use a Leave in moisturiser after EvErY wash (such as KMS Moistrepair) it'll help calm frizzies. And For after styling, try KMS Silksheen and a natural hold hairspray - you'll hardly feel them in the hair, and they work wonders.

-If you buy a curling iron, be sure to get one that's ceramic or teflon plated. BabyLiss tongs are superb...but if you want to wear you hair straight sometimes too, you can't go past GHD irons, which do both. Always use a thermal protector sprayed into wet hair, along with your leave in conditioner, for added protection. I recommend De Lorenzo Extinguish-there are many more on the market

If you can do even some of these things, you'll have luscious salon hair in no time. Good luck girl :)

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

You should probably try a deep hair treatment. .It sounds like your hair is overprocessed. There are tons of hot oil treatments that you can get for your hair. You leave it in for 30-45 minutes and then rinish out. Hopefully, that will provide some improvement.

Good LUCK!

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

Get hairapy !

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

Neutrogena Triple Moisture

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

try the enfusium 23 leave in conditioner- it works great-- and use a heat protectant before blowdrying.

good luck

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

okay, first of all, go to a salon and get a 'cholesterol treatment' for your scalp/roots. initially it will make your roots more greasy, but it will moisturize your scalp so that it doesn't dry out and get flaky.(this should be done 1-3 times a year)

next you should make a mixture of 2 parts olive oil to 1 part honey. put this on the dry/brittle sections of your hair. make sure the mixture is hot, and that you wash it out after 20 minutes.(this should be done every other week)

as far as shampoo, i like Sunsilk De-Frizz. And I use a John frieda conditioner.

In order to solve your brushing issues, i would half blow dry your hair. after you get out of the shower run the dryer over it to get most of the moisture out. then use a straightening serum or a curling cream depending on the look you want.

if you are going to style your hair make sure to dry it all the way.

revlons 3/4 inch barrel iron works really well.

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

I bet if you go to a store or a hair salon, they will have some type of hair product that will help care for damaged hair which will help the dryness. I got this ion hair care stuff that works well. For the frizz... I have the same problem. They make many hair sprays that will help that but if you get a curling iron, the heat to curl your hair definitely helps the frizz (or at least for me). And about the curling iron... Many people say that it will damage your hair because of the heat but you can find sprays and gels that will protect your hair, although the heat does not damage as bad as some people think. Herbal essences has a shampoo that moisturizes your hair called Hello Hydration and it improves your hair's health some. These are just a few suggestions that might help. Good luck with your hair and don't worry too much because I know how you feel!

Hair 101!!! heeelp!!! emergencyy!?

1. you should get shampoo and conditioner from the Paul Mitchell line of hair products. they make my hair feel like silk.

2. Squirt some straightening products and an anti-frizz cream into your palm and rub it in your hair when its damp to get your hair to be a blank canvas when its dry. You may also want to buy some leave in conditioner. This will keep your hair from being damaged by the hair dryer and the curling iron. Put it in your hair when your hair is damp.

3.Blow dry your hair with a round brush [if u know how, if not just blow dry it with a regular brush] use an ionic hairdryer to get it smooth!

4. buy a medium size curling iron with a one inch barrel and curl your hair.

5. after your hair is curled to your satisfaction, there may still be some frizzies sticking up on the top. buy some good hairspray and spray it on the top of your hair and smooth it down with your hand.

I know that sounds like a lot of work, but its really not. Make sure u have.

Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner

anti-frizz cream

straightening moose

leave in conditioner [i like bed head ego boost]

an ionic hair dryer

a 1 inch curling iron

exsta hold hairspray

a big roundbrush [optional]

and a straightener [optional] just incase your hair is not straight after u blow dry it.

good luck! this takes me about an hour

i hope that made sense

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