Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My hair-dryer is too high-tech for me?!?

There are five settings on my hair dryer. Low, High, and Cool, Warm, or Hot.

There are also i think....three attachments. One small long one, on big log one, and one huge one with rounded spike thingies coming out of it. I don't know which settings to use to acheive the look I want! Can anybody help me by explaining the role of the different settings?

My hair-dryer is too high-tech for me?!?

The small attachment is for creating a smoother, sleeker look... I believe. You aim the hair dryer downwards while drying sections of your hair with the small attachment. As for the long attachment, I'm not quite sure just by your description of it, I'd have to see it. The round one with spikes is called a diffuser and you use that to create waves or curls. Hold it so the hair dryer spout is facing the ceiling, while moving around all sections of your hair and scrunching at the same time.

You probably don't want to use the "hot" setting unless you need to have dry hair faster, since extreme heat like that isn't very good for your hair. The warm setting is the one you'll probably want to use for the most part. Use the cool setting at the end of your blow drying to seal in your ends. The low and high settings just mean the amount of air that comes out of the dryer at one time... obviously the higher setting will have more air pressure and the low setting will have lower pressure. I like to use the low setting when using my diffuser so that it doesn't ruin my waves or curls and make them frizzy.

Good luck with your hair dryer!

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