Sunday, June 20, 2010

What hair cut should I get?

My hair :

-blonde [natural from sun in florida]

-almost to my shoulders when straightened

-curly/wavy/kinky... confusing and puffyish

-doesn't take well to layers :-\

-i'm ercovering from a bad haircut last year and it is all one length with a few long layers from a shorter haircut...

-i have a big forehead but i have had bangs before and they DID NOT work well...

What type of cut should i get? I am getting it done tomorrow... pictures/links please? or a really good description......

thanks so much!!!!

What hair cut should I get?

o gosh!!! that is a hard one. i cant think of a good hairstyle that would fit at the moment. my advice would be to go buy a hairstlye magazine or check out the websites:

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