Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for dying my hair myself?

I have brown hair and I plan to dye it a slightly darker shade, I'm gonna use clairol nice and easy non-permanent (washes out after 20 washes).

I've used it before but I had a friend to help me, do you have any tips for dying your hair yourself?

It's fairly long (almost half way down my back) so I bought 2 packs of dye and those big hair clips to pile it ontop of my head.

Tips for dying my hair myself?

Get a tail comb. Part your hair down the middle from front to back and from ear to ear this should leave you with 4 small sections. infact i use nice n easy all the time the instructions are included :

Tips for dying my hair myself?


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Tips for dying my hair myself?

I reccomend getting that friend back or someone, it will just be easier and probably come out better. If not do the clips and take sections of your hair to color. Start on the top then clip and work our way to the bottom layer.

Make sure to have a towel around your neck which helps the dye from getting on you.

Tips for dying my hair myself?

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