Friday, June 18, 2010

Whats the best product to use on my hair ?

this is a discription of my hair lol!

in october i had a perm on bleached hair reson being i dident no it was a actual perm and i dident no not to.

a girl i no did it shes supsoed to have got her qualifications in hairdressing....anyway

i used to have sleek long lush hair now i have short hair that comes upto my neck its damaged brittle it sticks together if i dont blow dry it after washing i cant do nothing with it it is just a big frizzy mess!! i need some serios help!!!

Whats the best product to use on my hair ?

Listen to what people told you earlier, the best solution (sadly) is to cut your hair off. There are intensive conditioning masques, but they will only be a temporary fix - maybe use them frequently until the hair has grown enough that you can cut it off to a length that you can be comfortable with - but the damaged hair will only get worse, it will not get better.

Whats the best product to use on my hair ?

biosilk!!!!!!!! its expensive but i swear nothing works as well

Whats the best product to use on my hair ?

You need to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. Try Biolage it's great and smells awesome. Also, before you blow dry your hair put some type of heat protectant on it. CHI makes a great serum that works awesome.. don't use biosilk for this it doesn't protect against heat it just helps with frizz. CHI does both! My next suggestion is sleep with a deep conditioner in your hair once a week.. and last but not least try washing your hair every other day. The natural oils will help the condition of your hair. On your "dirty" hair days try to pull it back some how cute so it doesn't but you.

Try these things and you will have awesome hair again!

Whats the best product to use on my hair ?


Whats the best product to use on my hair ?

get some natural henna wax ...the white stuff not the coloured ....wash your hair as normal and towel dry .....put on a generous handful of henna wax and wrap your hair in a warm towel or for best results wrap it in cling film and leave over night...wash off in the morning and style as usual.....if you do this at least twice a week for a couple of months your hair will improve and be able to grow again ......NEVER EVER... perm on top of bleach...i know it wasn't your fault and it is possible but only go to a salon for this I am a professional hairdresser with over thirty years experience and i still would not advise perming on bleached hair ...don't worry your hair with improve you just have to be patient i'm afraid.

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