Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair dressers please answer?

I reallly want to become a hair dresser. If you dont mind answering, how much do you make, do you make more money if you work in a big salon, or selfowned. %26amp; anything else about hairdressing. THanks

Hair dressers please answer?

Well your best bet is to join a chain salon until you can establish a cliental. Most chains are going to pay you $7-10 an hour, you get to keep your tips and can also make comission. That way you can get more customers and still make sure you get a check every week to 2 weeks. If you just pay for a rental station on go on your own you have to find your own cliental. Good luck

Hair dressers please answer?

You make an ok money if you work at a salon but you make a pretty good amount of money if you own your own salon. There's not really all that much you need to know. Just find a school to go to so you can get your license and go work at a local place till you can get your own salon and make sure you bring your clients with you :).

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