Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

I have my uncle's engagment on a Friday and i have school on that day.

Im going to buy big hair rollers, (not hot ones).

I come home from school in bout 1:15 and the party starts at 6.

I want my hair to really curl between those times. I cant go hairdressers coz they are busy.

So i gotta do it my self, but i do noe how.

But will it curl wen i take it out , it will be like 5 hours with them.

Please help..

Im going to be using alot of hairspray and this cream thing.

Tanks for reading :D

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

FYI. Hair rollers have been around since about the early 1900's. They are what my grandmother used in the 1920's to curl her hair. And yes, they do work. But, if you don't have one of those old fashioned hair dryers (no, not a blow dryer), your hair can take hours to dry. You put the rollers (what they used to call them when I was a teenager (1960's) in when your hair is wet. Then just go about doing whatever you want to do. If you have thick, long hair, count on having them in for a good 2 hours or better. If you have thin short hair, you should be able to take them out in about an hour. And, be sure to put them in in the style you want your hair to turn out to look like. That's something we "older folks"had to learn the Hard way. If you want your bangs to come down in front, put the roller in so in the direction you want your hair to turn out. I hope you get the idea because otherwise your hair will turn out totally NOT the way you want it to.

As far as wearing a ton of hair spray? Not necessary. Just spray the amount you normally use on your hair, AFTER you've taken the rollers OUT. Otherwise, your nair will go completely flat if you spray with the rollers in.

Most of us have given up on rollers long ago when blow dryers came out because it's far less time consuming to blow dry/style your hair, then spray and run. It only takes about 5 min to dry and style your hair with a blow dryer, if you know what you're doing.

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Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?



Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

don't know I'm bald lol

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

I dont know i dont curl mi hair but if i did want curly hair i would use them

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

Yes they do. Of course it also depends on how long your hair is. Mine was down to my butt and would take all night to dry properly and curl- but if you use a gel or your cream and then roll your hair, it should curl. Just make sure it dries all the way through. You should have bouncing curls!!

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

Yes they work very well. Just make sure your hair is a little wet when you put the curlers on and then blow dry it until its dry.

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

it depends if your hair curls!

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

If the rollers are not hot- you need to run a blow dryer over them to get any effect or start with damp hair and let it dry- which could take over night and could be slightly frizzy. I recommend buying a $20 set of medium to large hot rollers and set your hair before the event. They really work and the curl will last with some hairspray and give you great volume- good luck

Do Hair Rollers Really Curl?

Yeah they do but it can take a while sometimes.

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