Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair doctors!!!!?

so i already have thick hair hair but i like to make it bigger by blow drying it upside dow, but after that when i straighten it, it gets flat. how do i get staight hair but still have my big hair too?

Hair doctors!!!!?

You should Definatly use this volumising mousse i have started using about 2 weeks ago it's called L'oreal Paris root lifting NON-STOP Volume Mousse, It's around 鎷? and can be found at any Boots, Superdrug or other Drug or chemist store out there as L'oreal Paris is Very popular and a really good brand too, all you have to do is wash and condition your hair as usual then shake the can well turn it upside down and apply 2 to 3 large balls of mousse onto your hands and apply to wet hair at the ROOTS then when you have worked it into your hair well enough dry your hair upside down using a round brush as round brushes help to keep volume in hair. It works for me i hope it does for you Good Luck! :)

Hair doctors!!!!?

blow dry it and pull your hair with a paddle brush it is very time consuming stylist here

Hair doctors!!!!?

Haha easy.

I do this all the time.

Skip the blow drying.

Just straighten it.

When your done take some voluming spray

and spray it on the area you want volumized.

Get a comb and on the [underneath part of your hair]

Rub the comb up and down.

It tangles the roots and creates volume.

Cover up the messy little bush with the top part of the hair.

What i mean by this is your hair is gonna look like

it has thousands of fly aways. That's why you do the underneath part.

Go to you tube and search for [teasing hair]

You'll see what i mean.

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