Friday, June 18, 2010

Male: Styling advise for long limp hair?

So, the problem is I was meant to get my haircut this weekend but missed the appointment..I'm leaving to go back to uni tomorrow (Sunday) and won't be able to get the haircut til the end of the week when I get back (My hairdresser knows how I like it)

So the problem is my hair grows out looks like a big mushroom (Beatles style:

As well as this, my hair is quite weak when it gets this long..even the strongest waxes have problems holding it in shape..

I need some advise on how to style it temporary so I don't look like an idiot throughout the week..

(When it is short I prefer to give it a nice messy style..)

Male: Styling advise for long limp hair?

yah it is quite the problem when it gets like that. go out and get yourself some fubre putty, rub that through your wet hair. and then blowdry it, then apply some more, it works for long messy styles quite well, it doesnt hav the best hold, but it keeps your hair looking good and textured all day

Male: Styling advise for long limp hair?

get some serum and try getting different pieces to stick up different ways, itll look really funky and girls will do a double take.

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