Friday, June 18, 2010

WHAT kind of HAIR STYLES????

I always wear my hair up in a high ponytail with my sidebangs down and to the left (i'm a cheerleader and REALLY big girlygirl, i just always put it up(well, i like showing my chanel earrings))

my friends ALWAYs tell me 2 leave it down, but i like to do something other than leaving it down,

Got any suggestions????

what kinds of hair styles should i do??????

WHAT kind of HAIR STYLES????

Listen to your friends and leave it down ,.. it might not look as great up as you think, if it's just all about the earrings for you . They may be trying to help you . If they say leave it down it's for a reason . don't you think ...good luck little cheerleader

WHAT kind of HAIR STYLES????

try some curls for a change.....

WHAT kind of HAIR STYLES????

this is really kute you should try it

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