Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair Extensions?

An aquaintance of mine has worn hair extensions continuously for the last 3 years. I think she might remove them now and then but she always replaces them right away. Will her own hair be very damaged if she ever decides to remove them permanently? She's in her early 40's and I think she's trying to hang onto her youthful appearance with long,big hair but it's not really working for her any more. She's told me that she has no plans to give up her big hair anytime soon. So I am just curious as to what she's doing to herself. Her natural hair is (was) quite fine and shoulder length.

Hair Extensions?

It all depends on how they attach the extensions. With all the new products out there to thicken and volumize hair, extensions arent always the best option... but hey, if she likes it and she doesnt mind, then good for her. but if your considering puting them in, i would check out some other options first.... they look really fake on some people.

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